FBI CJIS Firearms Training Facility

Clarksburg, WV

Today, the CJIS Firearms Training Facility serves multiple groups including the FBI/CJIS Division, the Pittsburgh FBI Field Office, and local law enforcement personnel. Partnering with Clark Nexsen for comprehensive design services, this project began with an Environmental Assessment (EA) of the site for the planned facility.

The EA included development of preliminary programming and site layouts, soils investigation and testing, topographic survey, and noise studies for a 26.5-acre site, followed by the design of a 55-yard, 229,000 SF firearms training facility.

The partially baffled range was designed to allow variable positions and includes 4-point, 55-yard and 10-point, 27 yard ranges. Supporting facilities include a multipurpose classroom with a FATS area, a four-person office suite room, a central commons area, a weapons cleaning room, an ammunition storage room to accommodate up to 200,000 rounds of ammunition, and a centrally located control room to monitor all activities on the range.

Due to the steep natural contours of the site, the training facility is oriented to take advantage of these natural contours to help screen the range structure from public view. Visual prominence is given to the range support building, which features a raised element with clerestory windows for the commons area of the building. The primary exterior finishes include split face CMU, smooth face CMU banding, and standing seam metal roofing.

SIZE  229,188 SF  /  COMPLETION  2002