We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients. Their feedback confirms that our work has a positive impact.

“I will say it is not important, but imperative, to ensure your architect has firing range experience. And by experience, they have designed and constructed so many that it is truly just another day at the office. There are many nuances to these projects, especially indoor facilities, that if overlooked run the gamut of minor inconvenience to major problems which could shut down the project. The Clark Nexsen team should be at the top of a very short list if you are considering a range project. I say this as a past client.”

Sgt. Wynn Mathews (Ret)

Range Master, Winston-Salem Police Department, Winston-Salem, NC

“This range will represent the most advanced firearms training facility in the region.”

Scott Cunningham

Chief of Police, Winston-Salem Police Department, Winston-Salem, NC

“Since acquiring the new police firearms training facility, my department has enhanced officer training immensely. The range was constructed to allow shooting in all seasons, out of vehicles, and has dramatically enhanced officer accuracy and confidence. Working with Dan Walker and his team at Clark Nexsen allowed the region to develop a range that exceeded our expectations. Whether using the range for annual qualifications or tactical training, this indoor range has provided a classroom and state of the art platforms that enhance my department’s ability to properly train.”

Ron Lantz

Chief of Police, Albemarle County Police Department, Charlottesville, VA


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