FLETC Indoor Firing Range Addition, Building 221

Glynco, GA

This project consisted of adding a 30,784 SF, 50-yard, 25-firing position indoor firing range to the main firearms training building in Glynco, Georgia. The range was designed as a fully tactical walk down range with multiple firing locations and the ability to drive vehicles and props into the ranges to offer the greatest possible variety of training scenarios. A classroom dedicated to firearms instruction was also provided. The facility’s design is based on the current FLETC standard for indoor, tactical, walk down range design. The single-story addition is located on the northwest side of the pre-existing building. The range support spaces were already constructed prior to the addition, including the mechanical penthouse. The utility infrastructure was constructed to accommodate the range addition.

SIZE  30,784 SF  /  COMPLETION  2004  /  COST  $4,100,000