US Coast Guard Small Arms Range

Honolulu, HI

In partnering with the U.S. Coast Guard to design this small arms range, Clark Nexsen worked within a limited budget to create a design that delivered on the highest priority training needs.

This single-story fully baffled range all weather facility accommodates the type of “moving” firing line necessitated by the Combat Rifle Course. Angled overhead baffles, designed for the most powerful round, were also installed downrange of the firing lane to capture direct fired rounds or ricochets. Due to the site of the range lying completely within the existing earthern berms of the previous range, a drainage system was implemented to collect rainwater from the overhead baffles, gutters, and range floor. The rainwater is tested and disposed of as a hazardous waste.

As a result of budget constraints, aesthetics were a secondary focus. The Small Arms Firing Range took on a motif consistent with buildings to the north of its site, which feature beige CMU with burgundy fascias, among other elements. Focusing on functionality, we provided an entry canopy and simple material and color dynamics for visual interest.

SIZE  6,122 SF  /  COMPLETION  2007  /  COST  $1,560,000