The City of Winston-Salem NC Police Department hosted an all-day training seminar on August 8, 2018 at the Joint Firearms Training Facility in Winston-Salem. The seminar examined the challenges of current firearms training requirements and shooting range management issues, presenting how modern shooting range facilities can help meet those challenges safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Bobby Cummings, Clark Nexsen Principal, led the seminar. Bobby also serves as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and a Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. The experience and passion that Bobby brings to firearms range design and construction built a strong foundation for the seminar. Bobby and other law enforcement instructors conducted a live-fire training session in the range that demonstrated and reinforced the concepts discussed in the classroom.


Photos from the event

Key Topics Discussed

  • The Realities of Today’s Gunfights
  • Qualification vs. Training
  • Shooting Range Design
  • Shooting Range Equipment – including:

– Reactive Steel

– Moving Targets

– Turning Targets

– Bullet Traps

– Stalls, Baffles, Retrievers

– Ventilation

– Shoot Houses

The “fun shoot” at the end of the day tested participants’ skills – congratulations to Ted Sauls, Deputy Chief of Police at the Greenville Police Department, who was Top Dog in the shoot.